Washburn J6 Montgomery Reviews 5

I have been playing for about 40 yrs and the first guitar I've owned was a Sears Black Silvertone to a PRS Archtop II with the J6 in between. I love jazz and chordal playing. Not currently in a band due to not finding musicians to gig.

Got it from a friends guitar shop, he was looking out for me and call when it came into his shop. This is a 1988 model so it looks just like an L-5CES except for the chalice on the headstock. The tail piece just like an L5! Most are intrigued by its looks...It cost ~$500.00 in 1994...

Some areas in the tone on the neck are a little dead sounding, due to the laminate top, however it does not transfer to the pickups. I adjusted the neck and it plays like butter. Using 54-13 strings gives it umph! the tendency to feedback is appearent but cutting fitted strips of a thick neoprene material cuts it to zero. Some makers have them for around $80 but I made my own.

The laminate top!

It was made in 1988 and it is almost 2008 and there are no problems with the guitar or ther than lost gold plating...

I traded an Ibanez lawsuit Howard Roberts for the PRS Archtop II but kept the J6, what does that tell you? Well other than that...

Aranos rated this unit 5 on 2007-11-16.

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