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Fantastic Guitar. Very pretty Plays so easy and gets so many sounds from sweet and gentle to soaring, searing and roug and agressive. The guitar is very similiar in body design to a Finland Luthier Design This is Wahburns copy of a Ruokangas Duke Deluxe ( Finland Luthier ) 1998 Washburn BT-2 Q/VS with quilted maple top in vintage sunburst, 2 humbucker pickups, tune-o-matic bridge, 2 control knobs, 3-way selector switch, Grover tuners, mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets No fret wear, no wood nicks, or scratches

My story is a Dreamcast from the heavens meant to be for my soul. I amp it through a Marshall 100 CD for practice and play thru a Marshall 100x2 Brown Club and Country 1979 Marshall 100W Model 4140 JCM800 series I bought the 100x2 at a garage sale for $40.00 and the Guitar for $40.00. Both are nearly perfect and started out nearly clean and only needed some minor clean-up CAN YOU DIG IT BROTHERS AND SISTERS !

Highly responsive pickups Very selectable sound via PU switch Gets some of the sweetest Rhythm sounds Also gets some of the best note action My Marshall' really love the Hummers The neck fits in my hand like a custom glove The Grovers tune effortlessly Talk about volume and tone control Further with soft to harder touch you can call up the dialed features of your amp LOVE IT

Re-Make It Re issue Washburn Guys Enough of the kind of strange body designs of the newer Washburns

Slightly unballanced have to kind of hold up the neck, but a strap height adjustment solved that from what I am use to Other than that great

I want another one and am looking for a BT3 the 3 PU model

Dana Bigelow rated this unit 4 on 2011-08-30.

I,ve been playing guitar for 11 years now. My father bought me my Washburn When I was 16. I am now 27. I actually learned on a Gibson LesPaul for about a year before I got the Washburn, but I never really counted my experience until I started playing the Washburn. I started out playing classic rock like "Smoke on the Water" by "deep Purple" and "Highway Song" by "Blackfoot". I progressed into Metal, started learning scales and got alot better. I now play Christian Rock music, and have been for about the past 4 years. I've done all of this with my Washburn. My guitar holds alot of sentimental value. There have been times when I didn't have a nickel to my name and never once did imagine selling or pawning my guitar. For some reason I feel very connected to this guitar. I have even thaught about contacting Washburn to try and find out who actually built ,or had part in, building my guitar.

We found this guitar for right under $400.00,factory tag and all,in a music store in Tuscallusa, Alabama. This is the only guitar that I own. I can't remember the name of the place though. I don't even know if they are still there or not.

I love the whole thing, but if I had to pick just a couple of things I would say the action, the neck, and the finish. I have really put alot of effort into fine tuning this guitar to just the way that I want it, you can do that if you just take the time. The action is just right for me. The neck feels great, love rosewood, and I just can't get over it. The grover tuners are also a plus. They really do a good job tuning the guitar and keeping it in tune.

The only thing that I don't like,and this just recently came up, is the bridge pickup started causing alot of feedback when using my distortion patches. I replaced it with a Semore Duncan "Dimebucker", awesome pick-up. Other than that, nothing. I've had to replace my input jack and volume knob once the entire 11 years, but that's just normal wear and tear. No real major dislikes here.

The guitar is solid. It has been dropped, kicked, tripped over and just last week the plexi-glass drum deflector fell over ontop of my guitar. All it did was push the selector switch down into where it's mounted, and that was an easy fix.

Overall, I could not have been blessed with a better instrument. It has suited me well and I will forever own this instrument. This is a solid guitar. It will hold up. Great features. Great tone. With a little time you can set it up to exactly how you want it.

Triple M rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-26.

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