Washburn Dime 333db Reviews 5

i baught it at LandW music in beaver dam, wi, paid $700 for it with hard case

i just recently read a review on this website from some kid who claims he got this guitar for 600 bucks and its a piece of shit, well hes wrong, the floyd rose is awsome, hasent slipped the entire time ive owned it, stays i tune even if you hit the bar and make the strings dangle off the neck like thay're gonna fall off! well built, fast neck, set neck, and if you drop it all you might do is chip the paint a little depends what u drop it on, the kid who claims this guitar sux, says he droped it and 2 of the points broke off and he turned down the volume and tha volume knob fell off! which im sure is bullshit, if you have a chance to get or try a dime do it, thay rock, a must for thrashers! keep it real

the only thing i dont like is having to loosen the lock downs at the top of the neck when the fine tuners are maxed out and you have to retune from the top

good, excelent, screamer!

this is a thrashers guitar screams! awsome guitar. a little expensive but nice. once you pic it up its hard to set it down. dont buy from musicians friend, they sell a version that doesnt have a set neck and completely different for almost the same price i paid for mine!

dime wanna B rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-26.

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