Washburn Dimebag Darrel Signature Series Reviews 4

I bought the Dime Because it definetly has the best shape ever designed. When you open the case to show someone it almost puts people in a trance. Its an evil guitar and it says one thing and one thing only "I will shake your balls"I paid $850 used CND dollars.

I liked it because I found that when played standing up it was very well balanced with a slight lean forward so your wrists never cramped up especially play on the 12 fret and up. Its a heavey guitar but thats what I like. Its also playable sitting down because its not a true v which is nice.

I didn,t like the fact that the body and neck are one piece because if it were to break on the neck you would be screwed out of a guitar. Also mine accually broke but at the head stalk so it was reparable but it only fell over once off the couch and Ive never had a guitar break so easy. Also the way the ground is designed is the back hardware cover is cover with foil which i think acts as a ground anyway when that wears out it starts to short so you have to use foil from a cigarette pack or something so you have a connection.

its constucted fairly well I think. It really feels solid and beefy and easy to play

I wouldn't buy this guitar as a daily practice guitar because it breaks pretty easy and Im not the only one whose experienced this. But if your looking for something that has flair and unbelievable distorted sound and tone and maybe want to keep as a collecters piece this guitar is for you.

jason merrifield rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-13.

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