Washburn Dimebag Darrell DimeBolt 333 Reviews 5

I bought this awesome guitar at a store in brisbane australia named carrolls music, they did me deal cutting off 300 bucks from $1400 to $1100, i bought it because it had an awesome lightning paintjob (better than the usa made ones) and i wanted a floyd also.

i love everythign about this guitar, it is a bit heavy and the 22nd fret is a little hard to get to if your playing standing up but its easy to get over if you have long fingers and correct posture, the trem arm does unscrew a little but im used to it, it doesnt fall off or anything it just swings a bit. Pickups are of good quality and sound great.

trem arm slippage. just the floyd system. thats it!

the guitar is of solid construction and i doubt if you drop it, it would even crack, it stands up to abuse well and is an awesome guitar.

This is a peice of shit, its worth your buying if you love dimebag darrell (reason for buying and shape appeals to me) its just as good as any other guitar in its price range.

Phil Scanlan rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-09.

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