Washburn J6 Montgomery 2002 Model Reviews 5

I have been playing for nearly 30 years. I play rock, blues, jazz, and gospel. I have played in small combos to large orchestras and all sizes in between. I love blues and jazz but have a large heart for gospel.

I bought this axe off ebay for 450.00 which included a Washburn HSC. I had an earlier model of the J6 but sold it. I missed it so bad I just had to have another.

This J6 model is a stunning natural finish with gold hardware. It has the tune-o-matic bridge with the Buzz Feiten Tuning system. This guitar just feels great in my hands and on my neck. It fingers smooth as silk and sounds as good as anything I have played over my career. It just does it all and makes me want to pick it up and play. I'll keep this one till I die or the bills are months past due (blues men know about that).

I love it all so far.

The finish is beautiful natural blonde and is flawless as far as I can see. Neck fitment is neck through and is seemless. Action is low and faster than I can play thats for certain. The bound f holes and abalone inlays are beautiful to behold. This axe gets attention everywhere I play it. I just wish I could play as good as this thing looks.

Without a doubt the Washburn people have done it again!! Made in Korea; so what. The quality speaks whenever I plug it in. Sure, the PUPS could be upgraded but so can the Gibson and Fender models and many do. Its all in the hands and this Washburn J6 responds like a finely tuned race car. I just love everything about it. My review on my older J6 was read by a man in England who went out of his way to contact me with thanks for the recommendation. He bought one and fell in love all over again with music. This one is a keeper!!!

Gregory D. rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-20.

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