Washburn J6S Montgomery Reviews 5

I bought thiss axe off e-bay from a music store for 427.00 with a HSC.

This guitar is user friendly. I took it into the local music store and all of the rockers wanted to have a play. The blonde color is stunning and with the 18:1 Gold Grovers and HH pickups it looks absolutely beautiful. Playability is just perfect and fast as you care to go. A very solid feel and superb tone.

Only thing I don't like is the axe feeds back too easily. The pups are not internally covered so feedback can happen if your not careful. But after all, jazz is ment to be played quiet so folks have to listen. It will crank up but player position can be a issue.

Construction is flawless, beautiful, and thats all I can say. Well, maybe PERFECT!

Anyone looking for a great Jazz Box with fit, feel, tone, and quality will be happy with this superbly crafted insturment. I believe "Wes" would be proud to know his name is memorialized on this wonderful guitar.

GregD. rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-21.

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