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Bought second hand for UK Pounds 280 in 1999. After trying dozens of Fenders (Mexico/USA/Japan) Ibenezs,Epiphones -none of which inspired-I came across this - perfect condition, built around 1990. I could not believe the quality (and it had been looked after -perfect condition) with a washburn hard case.

Shear Class. Proper Seymour Duncans (alnico pro singles, and a Jeff Beck at the bridge.)Floyd Rose, and the slinkiest neck you ever played. Great shape -looks like a cross between a strat and a PRS, because of the carved top. The guitar has a huge variety of sounds- but all class. Almost the balls of a Les Paul, yet will do the funky single coil sound, or classic bluesy front pickup of SRV.

My style has changed (probably thanks to a proper guitar) and I do not use the Floyd as much. Would prefer a fixed bridge maybe. I have it as tight as it will go.

First class construction. Basswood body (I think) helps sustain and tone. Neck is perfect. Premier Quality electronics all through.

If you thought you wanted a strat, but also need some bottom end rock sounds, look for a Washburn KC90. Much more versitile, better pickups, and tough as old boots. Unless you have Fender Custom Shop money.....

Johnny Blues Boy rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-23.

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