Washburn LX20 Reviews 5

I aquired this beauty from ebay after working at a pizza place for a few days. Since I live in Canada the shipping was a bit higher than I expected and it came out to $218 + $14 for customs.

I love the Rock sound but it can sound killer on a clean tone too. The Humbucker is a bit tinny but that may be the strings or amp. (I use my friends for the time being, it is a Peavey Rage 158). The knobs are nice and sturdy and the stock Grover tuners haven't given me any trouble. The action is set nicely and pretty low just the way I like. I play mostly modern and new rock but I am learning blues.

The stock strings are brittle. But Aren't They all?

Very durable and it has a grat paint job. I heard that some guy was playing on his house roof and dropped it all the way down to the ground and the paint didn't scratch and it sounds the same as when He got it. Definately not a cheaply made guitar. If it was misplaced somehow I would get another.

Solid as a rock and great to play rock also. Great versatility and awesome axe altogether.

Joe MacMillan rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-07.

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