Washburn Lyon Series WE-1 Reviews 4

I bought the guitar on ebay a few weeks ago. I paid $52 for it!

I have never owned a s-s-s guitar before, but I actually like the tones I can get. The neck is fast compared to my Epiphone S-900. The smaller neck doesn't matter to me. I was worried about that, but for the price, I took the chance.

I usually don't go for the burst/pickguard look, but (again) for the price, I'll live. The 5 position switch is on it's last leg (big surprise), and I don't like the standard tremelo. All little things that I would be unhappy with if I had paid $300 or more.

As I said above, the 5 position selector is dying, but it's 8 years old and they don't have the greatest reliability rep on any guitar. The output jack is slightly pitted, can't be good for the sound. These are, again, small things that I can easily replace.

I was pleasantly surprised with this guitar. It plays smoothly, and sounds good distorted or clean (when the switch works). I would buy 10 more at the price I paid.

beech rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-22.

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