Washburn Maverick BT-4 Reviews 5

This was my first guitar. I basically let the guy at the guitar store sell his opinion to me. I liked blusey music, and was on a tight budget. He recomended it over the inexpensive fenders and peavys. I think I paid $150-$180 for it.

Now that I've had a couple of years with it, I'd say it is the perfect starter guitar. It has a humbucking pickup, which, for beginners, gets rid of that buzzing sound, and, for intermediate players, is required for decent distortion sounds (In my opinion, of course) The other two pickups were great fun to play with, but I quickly got bored of it, and never touched my toggle switch again.

The only thing I would have changed, would have been to have two humbuckers instead of one. The guitar I eventually replaced it with was a Les Paul, and I really enjoy the different sounds with a neck and bridge humbucker.

Everything was tight. Setup when new was awesome. Eventually, the toggle switch got a little staticy, and I had to clean it with electrical cleaner, but that's normal.

I can't think of a better <$200 guitar. It handles all styles of music, letting a beginner decide what kind of music he wants to play.

Dave rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-16.

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