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I was in the market for a semi-hollow body and played several at SamAsh. While surfing www.musiciansfriend.com, I saw this ES-335 copy guitar for $149. It would be 149 dollars for the Grover Tuners, soap bar tail piece, tune-a-matic bridge and medium output pickups alone!!!!

You get more than you pay for. I opened the box and viewed a full size ES335 guitar. I have been playing since 1964. I jacked it into my 60's Fender ProReverb and played. The sound was very similar to my Gretsch Tennessian that was $600 back then but now costs 10-12 times more than the OE30. It is so good that I play it more than my: Yamaha S1212 thru-neck HM set up, Kramer Semi-hollowbody NightRider, Steinberger Spirit GU, D'Armond M50, or my Tennessian.

You are getting so much for $149 that I can't see anyone complaining about this instrument.

FINISH - Great - I see that as of this month Feb. 2004 - it comes in colors. Tuning - fine and holds well you can even use Extra Light .009 string, but I suggest you use 10's with heavy bottoms. Intonation - minor changes to my touch (better than Gretsch) Sound - variable for 60's, Blues, Jazz, ROCK & ROLL, standards, and hard rock. NECK is wider than most guitars at the 0 and 12th fret No Fender Strat cramping here - I LOVE IT for blues and rock bends. The neck is a bolt on but it too will not cramp your style. You can play the OE30 as an acoustic.

I was seriously considering the Epiphone Casino and I feel I got it's equal for hundreds less. If you are considering a full weight, full size, full sound ES335, and waiting to build up the cash, spend the $149 on this OE30 get a great guitar for a "knock around guitar" price. Then, if you decide you want an even higher quality, try the Washburn HB30 and HB35. Washburn is a very serious competitor on the Guitar market try one and see for yourself.

Johnny Soares of \"The Gyrations\" rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-10.

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