Washburn P-II Reviews 4

I bought it from A music store. It listed for 1500 but i got it for 5

This guitar plays extremely well. The hollow body gives it an excelent tone. The neck binding was almost flawless. Also, the cherryburst top is somthing to die for. i love the way it looks. The finished neck was somthing i had to get used to, and i at first thought would be somewhat of a bother, but it hinders the guitars playability none whatsoever. The pickups sound superb, i belive they are seymour duncans, so that speaks for itself.

The first thing i have to say is that the neck seemd to have some sort of flim on the frets, possibly smeared adheasive. I just scratched that off, but anything leading one to belive it wasnt a mass produced guitar was tragicly shatterd when it left the shop in that condition. My guitar also picked up a sort of buzzing on the B when i put my strings on. This appears to be the result of perhaps a chip in the bridge, because if i pull on the string a little, it goes away. The only other real complaint i have is that it didnt come with black pickup rings.. i mean.. common, if youre going to throw in the black toggle switch knob, show some love washburn.

This guitar is made EXCEPTIONALLY well for an import. The set neck is to die for. There is really no flaw in the way it was built. However, besides my already discussed bridge problem i broke the toggle switch going ape shit on it tom morello style. It seems like they droped alot of moolah on the pickups and body, then cut some corners where it didnt count. I just bought a BETTER toggle and put it in, so thats all good now, but i dont see why you would do such a nice guitar such a big injustice.

the bottom line is this: the guitar rocks. I would definately recomend it to anyone who doesnt mind replacing toggle switches. It looks nice and for the most part, has brains to match the brawd.

Benjamin J. rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-08.

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