Washburn PS100B Paul Stanley Signature Reviews 5

I purchased this unit at first sight at a liscenced Washburn dealer in my area. I paid around $500-600 for it plus the fitted gig-bag for it.

This guitar features the Buzz feiten tuning system... which i have no concept of WHAT that is, but it holds tune like a dream. the neck is bolt-on, but in a truly innovative and sleek "Paul Stanley" fasion that allows for great high access, especially if you're into theory and like to do shred runs in high minor scales. It has an excellent standard bridge and stop-tailpiece, the pickups are custom seymour duncan humbuckers wired to a 3-way switch. It has individual volume control per pickup, with a codependent tone.... i find this useful for toying with some switch-flicking effects common in any vintage rock. Though it doesnt have a tremolo bridge, i play with .008-.048 D'addario's and i find its sound unequalled, though you may prefer a heavier string set. It's an awesome body design, weighted perfectly. The size and thickness of the body accentuate the lower tones alot, while when using bridge pickup only the highs soar like angels. It has quickly become my standard, by which i've ranked all my other electric guitars.

Dislikes... PRICE! These units should be distributed freely to any Fender players. I was a hardcore Strat/Toronado advocate, and i've gotten rid of all of them for various successive guitars, simply by breaking my ignorance with this one.

Constructed to the highest quality, even though it's the base model in that signature series. An outrageous buy for the workmanship and quality.

The guitar for some is a way to look cool. For others it has become a hobby, and further yet for some it is almost as needed as breathing.

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-03.

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