Washburn Paul Stanley PS1800CMK Reviews 5

This guitar is one you'll spot a mile away! Let's face it, love them or hate them KISS are not only iconic rock musicians, but stealthy businessmen. This is the Paul Stanley PS1800CMK Signature Washburn guitar in the cracked mirror finish.

I had the privilege to demo this new guitar for Washburn. Brand new in stores it will go for about $800.

It screams stage guitar. The body shape is similar to the Ibanez Iceman and the top is a cracked mirror finish. If you've even seen those mirrored plastic pickgaurds the top is similar. The guitar felt rock solid to me. It played and sounded similar to a vintage Gibson Explorer.

I had a friend play this and he felt the pickups could have been hotter. As I don't completely disagree, I think the guitar stands on its own and sustains until the cows come home. The gigbag that came with it was nice, but I really think a set neck guitar deserves a case.

It is a neck through body design. There is a hefty Paul Stanley designed bridge with a star through it. I think these all factor into the instruments sustain. Mahogany body and neck, graphite nut, dual truss rod and 22 frets.

If you're a KISS fan or just want a guitar that gets all the attention onstage this is it. I've been able to get great action, playability and tone from it as well.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-09-27.

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