Washburn Shadow Series Reviews 5

I bought it from Coastal Music in Durban because I wanted to start a garage band of my own with a couple of friends.I paid R1650($165). It was second-hand.

I like the fact that you can play various types of music ranging from rock(Jimi Hendrix),metal(Korn) to jazz(B.B.King). I can get any sound I want out of the guitar because it has a humbucking bridge pickup.

The neck is a bit to thin for my liking. The strings are therefore to close together when playing lead. The selector has a bad signal but I replaced it.

It is a 21-fret,maple neck with rosewood fretboard.Three pickups in basic 5 position and a wammy bar.One volume and two tone controls.Body of guitar is very popular.Laminated tobacco sunburst finish

I recommend this guitar for its great sound and action and is probably your best buy at a price like that.

Martin Zietsman rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-02.

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