Washburn Stage Series Reissue Reviews 5

I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, I was buy many units of electric guitars, maybe we have a different taste of sound but for me i really love the sound. I bough this guitar trouhg one guy just came back from u.s.a, he got no money and bring the guitar to used stuff shop.The owner of shop just want RM400.(about usd100.)so he refuse to sell then i was there, so i was offered RM500.(about USD150.)then he agree!

Firstly the tone, very clear loud and clean.when combine with any effect the sound so nice to hear. secondly easy to play by standing or sit on chair cause the guitar body are confortable. thirdly the string not so tight compared to other models.so smooth to play any type of music from slow to fast music, even play solo.

Too heavy to carry at long time! because we are asian people, small size compared to others.

very suitable to play heavy metal & rock!

this unit very hard to get in my country, especially product from USA. once i get it, i will care forever as i love my self.

kassim rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-03.

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