Washburn Strat Copy Reviews 1

I'm proud to say that I do not own this guitar. It belonged to someone else, I just played it a few times.

Nothing. I would never buy one of these. I'm not sure what the model is, but it looks like a single-coil strat. I would avoid Washburn totally. Unless of course, the year magically rebecomes 1984.

Not much. The neck was slow. The pickups sounded horrible. I think the guitar might have been kinda old. Usually single coils sound thin, but these produced the poorest sound I've ever heard. The woods it was built from was cheap and heavy. Even through a nice, 2x12 Line 6 amp, the guitar still sucked.

The wood on the neck was extremely cheap. It was slow. You could hardly slide from one note to another. The tuners were always going out of tune. It was solid, I guess. But it was way too heavy for constant playing.

Unless Washburn has changed the pickups and redesigned the wood on this guitar, stay the hell away. I cannot say enough bad things about this guitar. Washburn isn't great anyway. If you are looking for a cheap guitar you probably buy a Squeir model.

Warchicken rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-19.

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