Washburn Tabu 100 Reviews 5

I bought It off ebay from a great seller, the price was unbeatable and the seller very friendly. I paid less than $120 US including shipping, came with: new guitar in box, gig bag (thin),strap and a couple of pics in the bag.

Nice blue matt finish, does not have the odd "tribal graphic" crap on most Tabu's. Great Grover tuners, black and they stay in tune for days. Black fixed bridge (Tabu 200 has tremolo). Thin but strong shredder neck feels great in my hand, double cut body very very easy to access bottom frets. 2 volume and 2 tone controls. Hot humbuckers, I took them out and measured about 13.5 if I remember correctly. Sounds great and feels good, although it is one of the cheapest it is my favorite right now of about 6 guitars. I just keep picking it up before the others.

When wearing a strap the top end likes to sink to the floor due to location of top strap holder, not such a big deal when you become used to it.

Way better than I had hoped or expected. Asian made but very good quality, finish and fit very good. A few rough spots at the top of the neck and at the bottom of the neck but 1 minute with some 2000 grit took care ot that. Bolt on neck has low action, only small amount of chanding the saddle higth was necessary. Intonation was needed and easy.

I am very happy with this guitar, thanks Washburn. This guitar equals guitars in the $300-400 range. I originally just wanted the Body for a project but after playing this there is no way I would ever take it appart. of all my guitars this one grows on me the most, and gets the most playing time. I would rate it a 5 but how could that be possible when compared to $2000 guitars, Well for the value I will give it a 5 anyway.

Grabberblue rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-15.

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