Washburn WG-587 7-String Reviews 5

I bought this guitar from a guitar shop in my hometown and paid only 400 pounds for it(list price:$899). I wanted a guitar with strong humbuckers and even thought i wasn't looking for a seven string i felt that this was the guitar for me.

The humbuckers deliver everything you expect them to.The neck is fast but not the fastest there is, it won't dissapoint you surely. The floyd rose tremolo is without doubt great and i doubt it if you experience any problems. The controls are good but could have been less loose and could have been numbered on the sides.The sound is excellent for metal and especially Slipknot and Korn.

I don't have any compalins this is a superb unit that you will play for years and keep as one of your favourite guitars.The guitar is very heavy, it weights 15 pounds and some people that do not can't stand heavy guitars will get tired while standing with it and even while they play sitting down.

It's hard to imagine that this guitar will one day break.Solid built and great construction will hold this unit together for a long time.Quality is something you can expect if a guitar is made by Washburn.

An awesome 7-string guitar for players that want a great unit that will deliver in a high level.Faults and bad sound are not parts of this guitar.

Mick Thompson (7) rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-09.

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