Washburn Wing Series HAWK Reviews 5

I bought it a guitar shop. i was just in the market for a new electric. It was hanging on the wall, it called to me. "PLAY ME PLAY ME ... PLAY ME" So I did, and i fell in love. ( I know own 2 of them) THe cost of this one was 300 dollars.

it is a gorgeous guitar. The double cut away makes it easy to play on the entire neck. Neck through construction is the best way to go for tone and sustain. For your information the guitar is part of the washburn wing series(mine are frome the 70's run) other guitars in this series include the raven, falcon, t-bird, eagle.


This is a sound guitar. Neck thru construction 3 piece neck mahogony everywhere except fretboard(rosewood) brass thru body bridge arched top excellent tuners The power sustain pickups that come with them are amazing.

The most underated guitar EVER MADE> with some minor customizations, coil taps and the such, I would put it up against any other guitar, Even Gibson or PRS.

Shariff \"TONE HOG\" SHAKIR rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-02.

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