Washburn X-20 Series Reviews 5

I'm reliving my reckless teen years when I was in a Heavy Metal band.Before my wife domesticated me. Always a singer, never a player, I just got bitten by the bug again at age 38.

I saw this red Washburn hanging in a pawn shop window.I hung it on my neck and it felt perfect! The sound was amazing! i paid $120.00

The balance and weight is perfect! The sweet tones are perfect!The look is in my own opinion beats a Fender.I own a Fender. I pass the Fender to reach for this one every time.

I don't own two yet.

High quality.Grover tuners are always a plus.The stock pick ups scream! Reminds me more of a Charvel.

Don't have money for a Charvel or Fender? So what, get this one! You'll still have cash to buy a good quality guitar cord and beer!

Vile 1 rated this unit 5 on 2008-03-20.

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