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I bought the Washburn-BD75R amplifier with a Samick signature series guitar. The amplifiers retail price is $699(AU) although they had brought down to $520(AU). I got this guitar through my guitar teacher who was the one responsible for the very low price. The amp, I bought it from a music store in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia called "Music City" they also gave me free freight.

The things I like about this amplifier: :The great looking but solid metal face. :A niffty little switch at the back that takes most of the humming sound out of it. :The very noticable reverb and master vol. :Effects loop with level controls for both send and recieve jacks. :Normal gain and high gain equiped with contour which gives it more of a crunch for all those metal fans. :Headphones jack

:The normal gain channel has only a slight difference between 0 to 10 :The little rubber handle to lift it doesn't feel relighable enough to be lifting 23kg up a set of stairs :There is always a humming sound but that has happened with all the amps I have played with. :Most amps around or over 50watt come with a footswitch but this amp doesn't which I am not to happy with. :The 12" speaker is only Bad Dog equipped and is not celestion equipped this I am also not happy with.

Guitar Amp 75 Watts 12" speaker Master Volume 2 channel dual EQ Reverb Effects loop w/level controls External speaker out Line out Headphone output Retail Price $349.90(US)

I recomend this amp only to players who play in a band that dont play big gigs or people who play to themseves. The amp is good for playing in the street or in parks. I don't recommend this amp to be used infront of a big crowd. If you buy this amplifier be prepared to spend a little more money on it.

Fruciante rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-17.

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