Washburn Bad Dog 25W Reviews 3

I bought this at perfect pitch, because I wanted a practice amp that is cheap but could do as much as expensive models. I paid 110 dollars for this unit.

It has a built in reverb and over drive distortion which i like. It has line 1 and 2 for clean sounds and effects based sounds. This is my first amp, that's why i can't say more about the sound but it sounds better compared to other cheap amp i tried. It has treble, bass, middle knob, 2 gain control for line 1 and 2, a push botton for distortion.

I chipped out the washburn logo in the speaker protector because it looks bulky, and nothing is harmed, a perfect crime I did, lol.

It has edge protection, the model is BAD DOG, it do look like that.

This is a good practice amp.

mai rated this unit 3 on 2002-01-04.

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