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There are a number of Great things about this guitar! Firstly the 'Floyd Rose Tremelo'. It makes the guitar so much better not having to put so much force into using it. It's got a Humbucker and 2 Single Coil pickups. I mainly use the humbucker because thats where my hand seems to end up! 24 Frets on this machine, that enables me to reach the really high notes! Perfect for solo-ing! It feels great to hold and to play, and the neck is so easy to play on. I know I don't have much experience of many guitars, but my friends have also said that you fingers slide along it with ease. This guitar sounds great too, clean or distorted. You can get a real 'chompy' effect with the humbucking pick-up.

Dislikes... Erm, on mine, the top strap-holder bit (no idea what you'd call it, just the bit thats keeps the strap attached) comes loose every now and again, but that may just be on my guitar. I could only get this guitar in black, which is a bit of a shame because I would've liked to see it in a number of different colours before making my choice. That's basically the only bad points about this guitar.

Quality is the only word needed to describe it! 'Black Hawk' (my personal name for the guitar) is black, extremely well finished. The Floyd Rose Tremelo works a treat and the sound is dazzling! A superbly crafted peice of kit!

Unfortunately I don't think Wesley makes these any more, as i can't find them on the website. However one day you may find one that comes up on ebay or in your local paper. If so, trust me, buy this guitar, you wont regret it! A seriously great buy!

Rob rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-29.

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