Westfield E1000 Stratocaster Reviews 4

The thing I like most is the colour. Transparent green and a pearl pick guard, and the propper Fender headstock, not the cheapo dog poo style. I don't normaly like strats (boring black & white) but this I do like! The sound is more twangy than my Gould and is achange from the mellow, playing in glue feeling the Gould gives.

The only thing I don't like (and this is me being picky) is the rosewood fingerboard. I prefer the natural maple.

It' about the same quality as my friend's Fender Affinity Squier watsimajiggy, if not better. Feels solid, tremelo works well and the lacquer picks up fingermarks well (a good sign). Frets don't buzz and the action is good. The knobs turn snugly. All in all, quite a good axe, in terms of build quality.

A good strat copy, if not better than a Squier. Good for what I need it for. Cheap and good.

rated this unit 4 on 2004-12-27.

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