Westfield E4000 Reviews 5

I purchased this from Rikkis-Musicshop in Scotland in a package with an amp, strap, lead, tuner and case. Overall I Paid 159 + 10 p+p. Its my first guitar and most likely my favourite one.

Its finish is the best, next to the feel and shape. the majourity of people complain that Les Paul style guitars are heavy but I think they compare them to Strats which are to0 light.

The bridge pickup is probely the only let down i've found with this guitar. I replaced it with a Duncan designed Unit. I'd advise to get strap locks as the ones it comes with are useless.

It's neck is firmly bolted on to the body. its a solid guitar and i feel very confident with it.

Its the best guitar i ever bought. and would advise buying it.

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-05.

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