Westfield E4000 (les paul style) Reviews 4

The finish of this guitar is probably one of the best aspects of it, its actually brilliant and everyone wants to look twice at it! The sound is pretty good, but i decided to replace the pickups with some Duncan's. The neck is really well finished as is the fret board, but I have heard some people have found that the metal inlays are spaced "wonky" near the high end of the neck, mines completely fine though.

The balance of mine was off, i had to add weight to the rear, it made playing easier but in turn the weight of the thing was increased even more than it already is! The original pickups are dodgy, they give good sound, but my moved about all over the place sometimes after a while i had to raise the bridge to stop the strings from coming into contact with the bridge pickup, which on the highest frets did actually happen, raising the bridge made it much harder to play. (strings farther away from neck)

Superb, apart from the pickups... replace them and you have an awesome guitar, my friend has a real gibson LP and he said mine sounded better :O the quality ofcourse.. a different matter. The finish is great. The neck mounting is great. it feels alround a solid guitar.

This was my first guitar, and i still love it, it looks amazing for the price you pay, quality is top notch, original sound is good through a bigger amp, replace the pickups you have a real gibson clone. I think the balance of the guitar needs working on though.

Dan J rated this unit 4 on 2007-01-24.

It was very reasonably priced, looks good and most of all sounds pretty good. I am not expert, so i asked my friend who had been playing for many years and he said it played nice. In the shop we tried it in white and he said it did not feel as nice as the vintage sunburst (which i have)

I played a pacifica and that was much easier to play on as the fret board was not as wide. So it is quite hard to play, but feels comfortable. It also is pretty heavy. When you sit with it round your neck you sometimes want to just chuck it off it hurts so much

The quality is suprisingly good for the price and when looking at it you would not believe the price. Before buying i compared its finish with a squire. The squire was rough and messy, the westfield smart and well made.

Its good for the price, but as they say "you only get what you pay for". I have nothing much to compare this guitar with as its my 1st, but after playing a pacifica for a few weeks then this i must say its slightly harder. The weight is also pretty anoying. But as the looks go and as a starter, its good for me, and probably for you. When buying, try and swindle as much out of the salesman as possible. This includes, a strap, or lead as much as possible! because you could go elsewhere with your cash and buy one of many starters from another store.

Liam Southall rated this unit 4 on 2004-11-20.

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