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Only been playing about 4 months and currently own a korean Epiphone les paul special, a signature series sg and a strat replica i built from parts, i picked this westfield e7000 up for peanuts the other day, mine is the sunburst colour and looks brand new

Got this off a bloke i know for next to nothing, i saw it and couldn"t resist it, it looks stunning.

Theres not a lot to dislike about this guitar, its modeled on a gibson 335, semi acoustic and just screams jazz but sounds fine playing other forms of music although i use the strat and les paul for rock, the sunburst finish looks awesome and its topped off with all gold coloured hardware,i should imagine that the gold colour will start wearing off in the not to distance future,the set neck is the icing on the cake. The humbuckers produce a very nice sound although im not keen when played with distortion, thats what my other guitars are for so no big deal really

This is where westfield really need to get their act together, the tuners are poor but i"ve noticed crap tuners on all westfield guitars, i had the e4000 (les paul)and they were the same on that as well, i"ll be changing the tuners in the next month or so for a set of grover or wilkinson tuners (depends on the financies) Also there doesn"t seem to be any plates to access the electrics, it looks like you would have to go through the f holes which would mean taking it to a guitar tech. 3 way switch feels a little flimsy and doesn"t feel like it will last, cheap enough fix though.

construction and quality look spot on, i cant find any faults anywhere apart from the tuners and switch but these are hardware, the guitar itself looks solid, only time will tell.

If your looking for a guitar for jazz or blues without the hideous pricetag of a real 335, even the epiphone versions are selling for a few hundred pounds then you cant go wrong with this, you can pick em up new for between 140 to around the 180 mark, sort out the tuners first and foremost because the stock ones are crap and replace the 3 way, bang a decent set of strings on and your laughing. I dont understand westfields way of thinking as there quite happy to put a set neck on but spoil it with crap tuners. they should do a deal with trev wilkinson to use his hardware then they would have a seriously nice guitar, you wouldnt have to change a thing. All in all a nice cheap guitar that looks good and sounds good. I Hate to say it but my korean epiphone has hardly been touched since i got this, theres just something i love about it and no doubt i"ll love it even more when its got decent tuners on.

ash rated this unit 4 on 2009-06-08.

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