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I bought this guitar as a birthday present for my 14th birthday. It cost me 70 pounds.. I think. I bought it fomr my local music shop. The reason that I bought this is because this is only my second guitar and my earlier guitar was a really bad begginners one so I decided to get a better quality one.

There are many good things about this guitar. First of all it hasa very nice tone. I usually play with distortion on but wiht this guitar it has made me appreciate playing things clean. It also has an extremely cool look to it. It is an exact replica of a Gibson SG except it is Westfield. The action level is perfect for me. The guitar usually stays in tune for quite a while and it is very easy to tune.

there is nothing wrong wiht this guitar as far as I know.

The guitar is very durable. When i play i get very "excited" and I jump around a lot. Several times I fallen to the floor and hit my guitar on the groudn but it does not damage it at all. I have also done things like band it on banisters but there are no visible scratches/nicks.

If you are a begginer wanting to learn on a very good but cheaper guitar then this is the one for you. It would also be a very good practice guitar for people more skilled.

Slayer324 rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-20.

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