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well, I bought this guitar when it all started the telecastor bug when an old freind came round to my house, he had a mexican telecastor, after that i was obsessed. After trying all of my local music stores to try and get a cheap deal, i went to this small corner shop. There was this guy who was obsessed with gibson 335s, He recomended me the westfield replica. I payed around 70 pounds for it

yeah it was awsome, ive tried other guitars and when you grab the neck it like grabbing a cactus with six steel strings on it. The guitar has a very natrual feel to it, its great!. The pickups do there job good enough. the machine heads are good, the controls are good. its really good. it is also very simple to use, and it is very strongley built, its like a brick shit house

the strings that came with it where like playing barbed wire, and when i first got it was a bit wangy but that cleared with a few classic riffs slung down it. The gutair needs a bit of tweaking to get the best sound out of it. and the E string seemed to not hold its note very well, buts thats fixed now. its body was not to brill

ver ver ver ver ver strong

its a great guitar, its cheap, strong, its got a nice sound, and its a telecastor!

Nick dixon rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-08.

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