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I started on piano in 1974 at the age of 5, got some drums at 8, and brass at 11...inherited my sister's Stella guitar at 12, then bought my first electric guitar at 15...Went to Atlanta Institute of Music in 1990...taught and gigged for a living ever since...until recently, when I it gfelt right to settle back into my own quiet studio world...most any style is fair game.

I picked this up at a pawn shop in my hometown, when dumping off an amp I was tired of looking at.

The vintage appearance immediately caught my eye, then the loud, bassy, mellow sound..

The action is a little high, even for me !

Good keys, nice inlays, decent fretwork (at the pricepoint) solid neck joint...not buckling, but neck angle may be a small issue...if you're into soloing on a D-18 copy!

I was and am impressed, considering I'd never heard of a Woods guitar..., but the Great Wall has brought us many good guitars for cheap! It is exactly what I was looking for: a straight-up dread knockabout, with vintage looks, and solid build that will stay in tune. It's on the bench getting fitted with a bone saddle and new strings/pins...can't wait...

doobensloth rated this unit 5 on 2008-10-06.

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