Woods W92 Reviews 5

Ive played guitar now for about 7 years. I mainly play rock/metal music and some alt. rock.

Paid $ 150 (U.S.) for it. I was looking for a cheap but decent sounding acoustic guitar to play. I bought it from a local guitar shop.

Sound, playability, price, quality for the amount of money invested.

There is really nothing to dislike about the guitar. Except its not electric but I can always put a pickup in it.

The guitar has a solid spruce top (not laminated) it has full albalone binding I think it has the X bracing. It is very durable it has sealed tuners,It plays and sounds great especially for a cheap priced guitar.

I would recommend this Woods W92 series acoustic guitar to anyone, just beginning to play guitar or for someone who has been playing a while and just doesnt want to invest much money into a guitar.

Guitar Enthusiast rated this unit 5 on 2005-12-27.

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