Woods W93A Reviews 4

I recieved my Woods Acoustic Guitar during a vacation in Florida in the summer of 2003. My dad bought it for me after I saw it at the flea market. It was new and never used and even came with a bag. From what I know it cost less than 150 dollars. The sound that it projects is great. It's very clear and very loud and it's also an electric.

The quality craftsmanship is the best and offers a great play at an affordable price.

Likes: Great sound and good price. The model is also a very nice looking model with a Les Paul shape. Dislike: I couldn't dislike anything about a guitar that has a great sound.

Like I said, the quality of the craftmanship is the best and the music sounds great.

I really like my Woods Acoustic guitar; model W93A. It's a great buy for a high quality acoustic/electric guitar.

lilly vang rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-30.

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