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I was in the market for a new guitar. I've been playing a very old Epiphone for many years. The guitar's condition was in pretty bad shape and the sound quality was not the greatest any more. I went to the local music store, Lanning Music, to have a look at their sellection. I was very interested in the 12 string Ovation but it was very out of my price range. The store owner was very helpfull. She asked me how I played and in what style. Then she did something that most buisness people just don't do, that was to steer me in the direction of a cheeper guitar. She said that she had sold quite a few of these particular guitars and that every cutomer was thouroughly satisfied with their purchase. The guitar in question is a Woods model W96A. The cost was a meer $180.00. She had other Woods models but said that this model was their best. It has the solid top as apposed to the laminated top on most cheeper priced guitars. This guitar is beautiful !!

As I said, the guitar has the solid top. The workmanship is spot on.I like the bonding on the body and the neck. I also like the size. It is a full sise Dreadnot but the bodie is a tad smaller than others. The rosewood finger board is beautifull, with lots of grain showing. The tuning keys are top notch too. The guitar, overall, is a very beautiful guitar. But the real winner was the sound quality. It sounded as if it were a much more expencive guitar.

I don't have much to say about the dislikes. I do wish it had a strap button at the base of the neck. It has one on the bottom of the bodie in the ussual place but is lacking one at the base of the neck. Other than that, I find nothing else that I don't like about it.

Like I said, It has a solid spruse top, finnished in natural. Mahagany back and sides. Mahogany neck with rosewood finger board. All of which is finished natural. As for quality, impeckable... The finish is very well done. No spots or runs. There are no cracks in the finish or the wood itself. The tuning keys are highlt pollished chrome.The finger board is smooth and snag-free. The only blemmish that I noticed was a spot of glue on the bonding that was not wiped off propperly, but bearly notisable.

For the price of this top notch guitar, you can't go wrong in purchasing it. I read the other reveiw on the other Woods guitar. The only thing I can think, is that it was the cheeper model. The one that sells for a little over a hundred dollars. If you want a guitar that looks and sounds like a more expencesive brand, but don't have alot of cash, than the Woods model M96A is the one for you.

David Hayes rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-03.

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