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I've been playing drums for 14 years, the last 5, with the NY based band called Glint. When I first formed a band, back in Brazil, where I was born, thrash metal was by far my biggest music influence and on my friends as well, who then, became bandmates. There are no metal song that doesn't have that powerful, explosive, gun-shot-like, cymbal sound commonly known as china (sometimes called trash). That's when my interest for that peculiar sound began. I discovered the hand-hammered Wuhan China Cymbal at 6 years ago, since then, I always find ways to incorporate it on my recordings.

This is one of those cymbals that usually comes as a gift of some sort of deal drum stores offer when you buy a drum kit of a cymbal package. At least that's how I got mine. But don't get me wrong, you definitely will fall in love for it if you are a double bass kind of drummer, or if you are looking for a quality china sound with more affordable price tag. From $30 to $70 is how much you'll spend for this cymbal on the market. Their range from 12' to 27'.


The short and in-your-face explosive sound, it's what really grabbed my attention on this cymbal. Its dark tonal colors blend very well with distorted guitars and heavy grooves.

Since its thickness, comparing to chinas of famous brands, is much thinner, making it more affordable, but less durable, I find its presence weak when applied on live performances. I would suggest to leave this one on your recording studio.

The Wuhan is a company that has been making cymbals for over 1900 years and is famous mostly for its cast, hand-hammered gongs and chinas cymbals.

For those looking for an affordable, dark and explosive china cymbal.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-19.

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