Yahama PSR 9000 Keyboard Reviews 1

This is Charlie (Papa) again. I aquired this instrument from Music 123. The price was $1699.00. A class B new stock. Since then I found a 9000 PRO that I could have gotten for $100 cheaper. I acted too hastily.

This unit is easy to use. Controls very nicely. It is easily accessible.

I have recieved the PSR 9000 and am a little disappointed that some of the styles on My Kawai Z1000 are better. I would like to know if it is possible to copy some of them to the PSR 9000. Would appreciate any advice on what I need to do this.

Good quality construction. Looks like it will be made to last.

Would Cakewalk Music studio help. my e-mail is beanie@usadatanet.net . Thanks Charlie (Papa)

Charlie (Papa) rated this unit 1 on 2003-12-08.

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