Yamaha 2GX 112 Reviews 4

The guitar is a perfect style to suit my thrash style of playing, it is thin and is a lot easier to strum standing up than my old guitar of a slightly thicker style. I also love the contrast between bright red body of the guitar to the black neck and head. I have played many a bad religion song on this guitar and have yet to of experienced a problem with it.

This is a wonderfull guitar but it is far from faltless, the guitars bottom E and A strings can often be found to make a buzzing sound whilst you are playing without an amp but when you are playing with an amp on there is no buzzing to be heard.

The guitars red body has only one volume control and one for tone. the output socket to the amplifier is out of site on the bottom of the edge of the body. The guitar has black double pick-ups creating a nice colour contrast with the bright red body.

This guitar is amazing if your into punk, hardcore, speed metal, thrash and maybe a bit of ska. But I have to admit if your a Santana or Hendrix in the making and you love your solos I do not recommend this guitar for you. My last thought would have to be "an oldy but a goody."

Dan Brunsdon rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-20.

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