Yamaha UB99 / Magic Stomp Reviews 5

bought it to use live & leave my PODxt rig at home in my studio purchased at Long & McQuade (Burlington, Canada), paid $275 Cdn for it

compact, has many of the best features of my UD Stomp, AG section sounds stellar, amp lead tones are very real & warm, having been recording with it all day today, it's very present & clear, sits extremely well in the mix

USB only (no MIDI I/O), Mac software not working yet, it's flaky, PC software works perfectly though

solid metal, quality is excellent

nice addition to my PODxt with Shjortbaord & Yamaha UD Stomp, the only box I'll take with me out of my studio when I play live, works very well with my Godin Flat Five X & Larrivee D-03Koa guitars

David Norris-Elye rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-29.

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