Yamaha DGX2002 Reviews 5

An annual 'back to school' sale at a local music shop attracted my attention. 40% off everything in the store. Final price was $320, and that included the maximum survival kit. Plus the 40% off the intro book, DVD and keyboard stand.

The Yamaha is very easy to use and figure out. So far I've not needed to open the instruction manual. Everything is laid out in a friendly and easy to access mannger. The 'Grand Piano' sound has a clear and resounding tone to it. And having the 'Grand Piano' individual button is a real plus. The keyboard contains a large number of demos, as well as several learning modes. My four children are already learning and we've not even set up formal lessons yet. I love this unit.

Nothing so far!

It's light weight construction is my only concern. I expected more substance. I know everyone wants light weight for easy transportation, but our need is durability. With four kids and a lively household, I'm concerned it will get knocked off and broken.

I love this keyboard and would recommend it to anyone. If you were considering a smaller unit, this expanded unit is worth the extra $$.

The Welborn Family rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-29.

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