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Been hammering the ivories for years. Been in a few bands. Mostly into country and christian music, but sometimes venture into other areas. I like to (and this is wierd probably) play along with movies sometimes and create my own soundtracks if you will. I never really record anything major, but sometimes I get a few good ideas.

I paid $299. I've always wanted a piano but can't afford a full size one and I wanted something that I didn't pay a lot for that the kids could pound on as well and I wouldn't be too worried about.

Seventy six keys! This is almost a full size keyboard and it feels like the real thing too. There are built in drum kits, built in speakers a six track recorder and a bunch of songs with computer assist - which is great for the kids. My 12 year old daughter spends a little time with it each day, almost as much as I do and she's really learning quite well so I think we're going to get her lessons soon.

The unit is somewhat heavy so you'll definitely want to use the included stand (yes, included!). This isn't really something you carry around and put on your lap on the couch. This isn't really a negative though, just something to consider.

Yamaha has always been a good name in my opinion so I am pretty partial to their gear. The unit is heavy, feels real, and is solid as all get up.

For three hundred bucks you get a very functional, almost full sized keyboard, with stand, and power supply. Yamaha really put together a nice mid-range product here for those of us who aren't really looking for the top of the line.

Joe rated this unit 3 on 2009-11-02.

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