Yamaha DJII-XB Reviews 3

Purchased a B-stock item from zzounds.com for $150. Unit was fine, but the packaging wasn't original, and the box was trashed. But then again, they're just gathering dust in the attic now.

Fun little box to create live grooves, has a CD-size "scratch" pad. The scratch pad provides the main interface for selecting bpm, grooves group, scratch effect. I also like the insert panel, which gives you a set of common effects like flanger/phaser, low-fi, distortion, along with a wet/dry mixer knob.

Some of the bundled grooves are major cheese! It's also a little difficult using the scratch pad to dial up new grooves or scratch effects.

Solid construction; hard plastic casing should be ample protection for all but the most careless DJs. No easy way to mount it in a rack though.

Fun box to play with. I bought it primarily for a kid's use, and it's certainly enough to provide an introduction to groove boxes. I can't comment on its usability for more professional use.

Mike rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-01.

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