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i play the saxophone, the keyboard , and the guitar. I am a member of BMI. I love all styles of music . Especially Big Band Music. I am strongly influenced by classical music, Hank Williams Sr., and my high school band director. I have played music since the age of ten i am now 54.

i made a straight up trade for the yamaha S03 keyboard. I got it new from a music shop. I really did a dumb thing i traded a vintage mustang fender for it. HOw stupid can one be?

I like the fast action of the keyboard. It's probably the quickest lightest touch i have ever encountered. I like the lcd display. The 61 key unit is good for travel. It is very lightweight. THe bass sounds are the best of the sounds on the unit. The unit comes with onboard software for computer download .

The sounds are very cheap and weak for the most part. Even after customizing them they still sound cheap. The lettering on the keyboard is hard to see. I would prefer a 76 key unit . At times it seems it is out of tune slightly. I guess i have a perfect tune syndrome. I believe there are many other units out there for just a few more bucks that are much better.

So far the unit has held up without repair . I have had it for about 8 months. It seems to be cheaply made and i suspect the quality is about a 6 out of ten.

The Yamaha S03 leaves much to be desired. i am very disappointed in the unit. Go with a Juno or Roland or Ensonic and you will be much the better off. I am sorry Yamaha. Yamaha makes many fine products but this is certainly not one of them. Sometimes i just want to cry . HA HA. tnx. Warren.

warren rated this unit 2 on 2005-10-01.

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