Yamaha SW100XG Reviews 5

In a computer Audio/MIDI store,just because the quality was exelent, about $300.

This soundcard is powerfull and terrific MIDI gear, about 1000 XG fully programable sounds,analog audio input with a lot of effects for MIDI and Audio like Chorus,Reverb, Distortion, etc,ready for high quality multitrack recordings and editings in the Windows enviroment.Plenty of support from sequencers like Cakewalk, Cubase etc,(studiowares,instrument definitions...).Also there is a lot of Yamaha XG format editors in the market like the wonderful XGedit, XGgold,etc. Have also capabilities to expand the number of patches via Plug-ins boards like VL,VH etc. 20 megs the wave set size, 64 real hardware voices polyphony,Yamaha call it ¨The most Powerfull XG device in history¨, so is a must have.


PCI device,pulg-in boards expansions capabilities, unmatched quality...

One of the best MIDI gears for the Windows or Mac enviroment that anyone could have!

Carlos Glez rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-15.

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