Yamaki 12 String Circa Late 70s Reviews 4

I bought this guitar new from a music store in Green Bay, WI. My brother-in-law and someone at the store were friends; they picked it out for me. The place was unfamiliar territory, so I have no recollection of its name. My brother-in-law insisted that I should be playing on a quality guitar. I paid somewhere between $400 and $500 for it.

I like just about everything about this guitar. After 25 years of use, it is still in near mint condition/looks almost new. The action is light, quick. It has a full, sweet tone. It's very pretty. I own three guitars, but play this one almost exclusively. When I bring it in periodically for service checks, it's almost always sure to receive warm accolades from the shop personnel. It's been called "perfect."

I dragged junk guitars around for years and got careless. Have paid the price twice with the Yamaki, but do think it has one annoying construction flaw that I cope with. The headstock is constructed like a classical guitar's. This is not sturdy enough for the tension of 12 wire strings. Twice it has snapped off, same place; twice it has been glued. My repairman has done an exceptional fix each time, and the crack is barely noticeable. No one ever sees it unless I point it out. I don't dare take the chance of the case getting tipped over, as that is what breaks the stock. Though this sounds extremely major, it does not seem to have compromised the guitar's function/integrity in any way.

The neck is straight and has never needed adjustment. There are no cracks, bows, or shifts on the body or at the neck join. Its finish is as glossy as the day I got it. It has a three panel back with wood inlays on seams, solid spruce top, abalone inlaid markers on fretboard. I believe the body is rosewood, and the neck mahogany. The bridge and fretboard look like black walnut. I can't be sure, as there is no sticker and it came with no tag.

Were it not for the headstock problem, I would rate this guitar a 5. Thankfully, the headstock problem is confined exclusively to the headstock--to one glued crack on the headstock. Ignoring that, my delight in this instrument has never waivered. It has not lost anything in 25 years, but has only gained. It's a joy to own, and I'm not tempted to replace it, even with something considered really hot.

Peg rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-06.

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