Yamaki A 10 12 String Reviews 5

I am 57 and have played guitar since taking classical guitar lessons when I was 15. Got used to finger picking and after never having a pic when I needed one I just learned to do without.I wanted to be able to swoon the girls around the campfire and classical was a good start. House of the Rising Sun was the first song I learned to finger pick.I now play a lot of Eagles, Simon and Garfunkle, Jim Croce, Cash, Willie

I found my Yamaki in a second hand store in 1973. I went in to sell them a bedroom suite that I had been given to dispose of. While waiting for service I saw the guitar and tried it out. I knew after only a minute that that guitar was the easiest to play of any 12 string that I had ever played. The sound was beautiful. I traded my suite straight across for that guitar with no case.

It is the easiest 12 string to play of all the other guitars that I have owned or tried in the last 20 years including 6 string guitars.I had to find a 6 string Yamaki so that I would have a 6 string that I would even want to play. These guitars have a mellow sound but they have plenty of volume for around the campfire.You do not need an amp or a mic.


30 years old and no cracking in the finish or warping in the neck or top. No fancy inlays but very well built in my opinion.

I am going to collect any Yamaki guitar I can find if the price is reasonable

Richard Clark rated this unit 5 on 2007-12-07.

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