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I have played guitar for 30 plus years. I play all kinds of music but especially enjoy playing accoustic.

This was my first guitar. I bought when I was 14 years old. I can't remember what I paid for it. I believe it was around 1973 or 74. I played it for a couple of years and then sold it to a friend (dumb move). My sister bought it several years later off of him and her kids trashed it. She gave it back to me about 5 years ago. The top was warped and the bridge was cracked down the middle. It wouldn't stay in tune. I took it to a guitar tech and he put a new bridge on it, staightened out the top and filed the frets. He also took the zero fret off and installed a bone nut. The tuners have been replaced at some time.

The guy who fixed this guitar is a collector of Martin guitars. He tells me it plays and sounds as good as any he has ever heard. Everywhere I play it peoples ears perk up and they always comment on the sound. I am very glad to get it back after all these years.

The original setup had an adjustable bridge and a zero fret. Both realy bad ideas.

The guitar is very light and I imagine built cheaply. I thought it had a cedar top but it is laminated spruce. I am not sure what model it is but it looks like a Martin knock off.

If you can find one of these old relics I would strongly recommend you pick it up. With a little work these are amazing guitars.

Len rated this unit 5 on 2007-09-28.

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