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Puchased used (in practically new shape), in Los Angeles for $275 in late summer 1982. Bought it from the original owner, who, himself, paid $400 new earlier that summer. He started to take lessons, but life overtook him, and he felt that it wasn't quite the right time to learn a new instrument (all to my gain).

Medium strength action and a terrific sound for small rooms and audiences. It is not a "commanding," large-room, kind of guitar. Its not made for big-scale performances. There is a quality about it that makes it very capable of a wide range of emotive expressions. It excels at ballads and meditative praise, quiet tunes to stir the hearts of listeners and even the performer. It has the personality of a guitar that means business and possesses no quirks whatsoever.

My example has lost some of the beautiful, original, auburn-brown color on it's main soundboard, especially in the area where one tends to rest one's hand. I call them it's blonde streaks. Because of it's medium strength action, one must keep up their callouses in order to be able to play sets of an hour or more. I downtune and use a capo on occasion, in order to minimize the action.

Very well constructed. Mr. Stoughton gives the materials in his review. My neckboard has pearl, diamond-shaped inlays. In the 22 years I've owned the guitar, it has never been in the shop for the failure of any component. I've only taken it in for routine fret and saddle work. This guitar has been coast to coast several times and shows little wear. The finish is still glossy and unmarred, with the only exception being a slight lightening and discoloration of portions of the top, as mentioned.

I've played Martins, Takamines, Yamahas and a variety of other steel stringed acoustic guitars over the years, and for some reason, I'm always drawn back to this Yamaki for it's reliability and lack of any quirks. Just a solid performing instrument through and through. Among the best of the low-priced guitars I've ever played, and often equal to many of the higher priced ones too.

John Robbins rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-04.

My fiance,now my wife bought it for me at a pond shop in Toronto.It was the best sounding guitar I had ever heard for under $1000 dollars.She paid $500.00 for it in mint condition.

It is the best sounding guitar I have owned.Sounds and plays like a dream after Don at Eds Music Workshop set it up for me. Makes you want to keep playing & not put it down.

Haven't found anything after 30 + years

Solid cedar top,Laminated rosewood back & sides,mahogany neck,ebony finger board & saddle.

Best guitar you could buy under $1000.if you can find one grab it.

Schennelly Stoughton rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-26.

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