Yamaki F220 12 string Reviews 5

I have played professionally for 18 years. I no longer play in a band and have just started in the karaoke music. I also do a show usinhg the discs as my music and I do all of the singing. I like oldies rock and country as I am 55 years old

I acquired my Yamaki F220 12 string about 25 years ago. I am not sure how much I paid for it. It was a guitar that was used to play at General Motors when we were on break Had a group that got together and everyone wanted to borrow my Yakami 12 string due to easy to play and sounded so good

I love the sound. It is very easy to play for a 12 string. I can not find on to equall the smooth sound. There are many more expensive guitars and they will not meet the sound of this guitar

I have found nothing that I dislike. It appears that head stock was damaged prior to my ownership But I have not had any problems and I have owned it 25 years. If I did not show you where it was repaired you would not know it.

Construction is very good Only problem is headstock takes alot of pressure due to the 12 strings

Great guitar would make a nice vintage piece for someones collection. For the price you could not find a better guitar. I am probably going to sell this piece to someone who appreciates a good guitar. They will own one that not everyone will have

Bill rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-16.

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