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After playing an Epiphone FT-140 for about 15 years, I began poking around on the web to see what I could find in the way of a great guitar. I went to ebay to see what's there since I didn't want to spend a fortune & wouldn't mind a 2nd hand guitar if it was really good. Anyway, I found & checked it out. Although I had some misgivings about ordering a guitar without playing it, the guarantee & the great price ($545 for the ZAD-80 & $95 for a hard shell case)made me take the leap.

It arrived very quickly even though I live in the extreme boonies. The package included an extra set of a strings & a T-shirt. The Zager ZAD-80 is an incredibly beautiful instrument, but more importantly, the way it plays & the tone of the guitar just knocked me over--I couldn't put it down! My wife even noted my enthusiasm for my new guitar in our Christmas letter this year. I've played it at our local jam session, community events, & church and received lots of compliments on the sound it produces. A number of my friends have tried it out and are most impressed. I also like the fact that Denny Zager Sr. personally does the work & signs each guitar. He obviously is very gifted in his work as a guitar craftsman & I always liked the song he co-wrote, "In the Year 2525." Denny Zager Jr. was prompt in replying to my email enquiries. This family runs the kind of company I like doing business with.

There is absolutely nothing I don't like about this guitar or the way this company does business.

Anyone who wants a high end guitar at a reaonable price needs to check out a Zager guitar. My final comment is, "In the year 2525, if I am still alive, if my music still survives, you will playing my Zager ZAD-80 acoustic guitar." Blessings, Ben Zandstra

Ben Zandstra rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-31.

I was in the market for a new acoustic guitar and had been doing alot of research both on the internet and by visiting alot of music stores. I ran accross by accident. Of all the guitars I had been playing in the stores, none of them felt "right". I knew it was a long shot ordering a guitar on the internet i had never seen much less played. But, with the Zager guarantee the will even refund your shipping charges both ways if you don't like it for ANY REASON!!! On first look it struck me as a "nice" guitar, but when i held it and played it, I knew I had found the guitar for me. I have never played a guitar that was as fast and fingered as easily as this one. My daily playing time has almost doubled. I guess my highest praise is to say I would buy this guitar over, and over.

The extremely low action, without buzzing. The speed and ease of fingering.

I haven't found anything so far.

This guitar is of quality construction with excellent materials.

If you have a few grand you want to waste go ahead, but if you want the easiest playing and best sounding guitar you have ever had in your hands, then zager is it.

Ron rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-27.

I found it on the internet at and ordered from the company. I was impressed with the string science and the testimonials on both the Zager and E-Bay websites. The guitar is $545.00

There isn't anything I don't like about the guitar. It is great!

There quality and contruction easily surpass the price of the instrument.

The best sounding, looking and easy to play acoustic Guitar for the money period. Easily comparable to Martin, Taylor ect.

Joe Mackin rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-27.

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